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What is the Alabama Barn Quilt Trail? The Alabama Barn Quilt Trail is an agricultural tourism project designed to promote travel & community pride by encouraging the public to explore our roads, farms, businesses and historic towns. Barn Quilts are part of what has become known as “The American Quilt Trail Movement” featuring colorful quilt squares painted on barns & buildings throughout North America. It is one of the fastest-growing grassroots public art movements in the United States. Tourists come to discover the quilt squares on thousands of barns & buildings scattered along driving trails throughout the nation.

This public art project assists applicants wishing to be a part of the Alabama Barn Quilt Trail with erecting traditional barn quilt patterns hand painted and mounted on barns and buildings throughout Alabama. The Alabama Barn Quilt Trail is promoted through our website, social media and other forms of media and is enthusiastically supported by Community organizations including Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Alabama Farmers Federation, and others.

The Benefits to our community and its small businesses include:

• Providing an economic benefit from tourism for businesses and farms on the Quilt Trail

• Promoting preservation of our historic barns.
• Honoring the agricultural roots of the state of Alabama
• Creating public art and paying tribute to the uniquely American history of beautiful quilts


We wish to thank the Alabama State Council on the Arts,, ALFA, and the Alabama Farmers Federation for their generous support! 


Regina Painter                      Lisa Robinson                    Dale Robinson                    Janice Davis

                Founder                          Trail Committee                 Trail Committee              Trail Committee

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