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Alabama Barn Quilt Trail Guidelines

Our Process for Barn Selection

Interested barn owners should contact us via email at


Please click the link below to download and print the Trail Application. You may send the application to the address on the form, or to the email address listed above. We also ask that you send us a few pictures of the barn. Both from the road and closer up. Be sure to include your contact info and the address of the barn. 


While our preference is older barns, we will accept newer buildings (Such as metal buildings) on a case by case basis. The grounds around the barn should be well kept and free of junk piles and broken down equipment. Barns should be in good repair, unobstructed by trees, bushes, or other buildings and close enough to a road for a barn quilt block to be easily recognized, to afford a good, unobstructed view as well as a safe place for passers by to pull over and take pictures.

Businesses wishing to be included on the trail must adhere to the guidelines above.

The Alabama Barn Quilt Trail reserves the right to refuse to provide its services. The decision of the Trail Committee is final.


When we receive your submission, someone from the committee will personally check out the barn and contact you.


The committee will review the submission and if approved, you can then begin to pick out a quilt block pattern.


Blocks must be based on a traditional quilt block or a family heirloom quilt and  contain NO political messages. NO representations from religious or special interest groups, family initials or crests, sports logos or advertising of any kind. Patterns including animals must be based on a pieced quilt block design. Block patterns and color choices must be approved by the Trail committee. The artist will often meet with the owners to decide on a final pattern and colors.

The minimum size for barn quilt blocks to be included on the trail is 4'X4'.


Click here to download our application form

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